Florida Patio Paving Could Turn Bad

Boca Raton travertine pavers are a beautiful addition to our home that also improves the value of or property. When you use pavers interlocking with concrete and brick, these can make your pool deck enviable, unlike the rather dull concrete options. They not only enhance your home curb appeal but also improve its value. Every time you have visitors over you just love the look on their faces when you give them a tour of our home. But as the Florida Pool Pavers will tell you, there is a twist to their beauty. Slick pavers like travertine are slippery when they get wet or oil stained. This is particularly dangerous in the case of areas that tend to get wet with proximity to the pool. This article will inform you how your Florida patio paving could turn bad. Read on to get tips on what to do to avoid a slip and fall accident. Also, learn the two common causes of slippery patios and how to play safe.

What makes and patios slippery?

Dirty pavers pose a greater risk of slip and fall accidents. When you spill oil and fluids on your patio, it can be very difficult to remove as it seeps into the pavers over them slippery and

Algae grow on our patio making it both untidy and even more slippery. The algae are greenish and are responsible for the thin film of sticky film that usually develops around a pool deck when you do not sanitize often.

Tips to avoid slip and fall accidents on your patio and pool deck

  • Clean up fluid spills immediately

The longer you delay, the more likely someone will unconsciously walk on the spillage and cause a slip and fall accident. If you neglect liquid spills on your patio, they are likely to go unnoticed with time until when they injure someone. It is, therefore, advisable to have them removed immediately.

  • Use wet slippery floor signs

When cleaning in public places, the law requires that you notify the public that the floors are slippery and there is a risk of slip and fall accidents.

  • Use anti-skid adhesive tape

These can be a life saver in the trickiest places. If almost always a certain area tends to be slippery, you should use these to improve the frictional grip preventing a disaster.

In conclusion, you should always try to make sure your home is slip hazard free to avoid slip and fall accidents. It all starts with hiring the right Florida Pool Pavers. For the sake of you and your loved ones, it is advisable that you consider the slip factor of your patio and pool deck when choosing Boca Raton Travertine Pavers to do your home. Furthermore, you can be sued if you are found liable for causing another person’s slip and fall accident at your premise. This usually amounts to negligence on your part for failing to eliminate the hazard and for not informing the public of the hazard.